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Following is the official Fellowship Constitution.

Read our Fellowship By-Laws


By-Laws of the International Fellowship
of Rotarian Convention Goers


The International Fellowship of Rotarian Convention Goers is an internationally organized group of Rotarians dedicated to promoting and going to Rotary International Conventions where they see attendance at a R.I. Convention as a better & unique opportunity for International Fellowship where International Understanding is highly promoted.  This International Fellowship of Rotarian Convention Goers feels that every Rotarian should try to make every effort possible to attend an International Convention to learn how The World of Rotary comes together thanks to the first Object of Rotary–acquaintance and friendship, then they learn how Rotarians worldwide promote better and ethical service via their vocations and professions, then they see the work of The World of Rotary carrying out Rotary Service by visiting our Club Projects Exhibition–with the final result of the fourth Object–understanding, good will and peace, united in the ideal of service.

The Fellowship encourages membership by all Rotarians who have attended at least one Rotary International convention, but does not limit its members to only those Rotarians who have previously attended an International Convention.

The Fellowship operates in accordance with the Rotary International policy, but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International.


The Board of Directors consists of the following Officers:


PRIP Frank J. Devlyn

Vice Chairman

PRIVP Lou Piconi


Harriett Schloer


PRID Theodore D. Griley


RID Fumio Tamamura


Marcus Crotts

RI Liaison

L. J. Williams

The Board can nominate other positions, such as Zone, Country, Regional Coordinators, and others, as needed for specific operative jobs.  All such individuals will volunteer the time required to perform the jobs they perform.

The Board is authorized to acquire the services of a qualified webmaster to create and maintain the fellowship web site which shall also serve as the fellowships primary communications vehicle.  Said position shall be reasonably compensated..


To be eligible to be nominated for the office of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, or the Board of Directors a person must be a Rotarian in good standing.

Officers and Board members shall be elected for a four year term of office.  Officers and Board members may be re-elected.  The first group of officers shall take office effective July 1, 2005 and serve until June 30, 2009.  All future terms will become effective on a 4-year basis.

The current Chairman shall appoint a 3 member nominating committee by January 31st of the year of the Election.  The committee shall consist of two members of the Board of Directors and one additional member of the Fellowship.  The nominating committee will solicit from all current fellowship members, nominations duly seconded, including the nominee’s qualifications and consent to serve.  (Official nomination forms shall be posted on the Fellowship web site).  All nominations shall be submitted to the Nominating Committee for review no later March 1st of the year of the election.  The Nominating Committee shall review all of the nominations to insure the accuracy of all nominations and then forward the list of nominees to the President no later than April 1st

The Committee shall arrange with the Secretary of the Fellowship to-email ballots listing the names of all qualified candidates in alphabetical order to all current members in good standing by April 15th of the election year.

Ballots are to be returned to the committee no later than May 15th.  The Webmaster shall make it possible for all ballots to be submitted electronically via the Fellowship web site and the online processing system. 

The winners will be determined by the majority vote of those ballots cast by May 15th of that year.  The Winners will take office the following July 1st and serve a four-year term.

Directors and Managers may be removed by the majority of the Board.

The Board may vote to bestow Honorary membership on individuals who are not Rotarians.

4.  DUES

The annual dues of 25 US$, (paid annually) or Lifetime $100 US$ are subject to change by the Board of Directors, will be used to cover administrative costs, the cost of the Internet structure, web site development and maintenance, mailings, rosters, elections, newsletters, reports and Rotarian services approved by the Board.

Fees are payable each year during the month of July.  Lifetime dues are charged only once and there is no annual renewal.

Special rates and additional fees may be introduced by the Board of Directors.

Those members who do not pay their proper fees by October 31th will be dropped from membership.


Each year the President of the International Fellowship of Rotarian Convention Goers, or a group of at least 15 members including one Director, will call an Annual General Meeting, if possible in connection with the RI Convention.  New systems of on-line meetings can be considered, to involve more participants. An Annual Report, including financials, a current roster of membership, a calendar of events and other pertinent information will be sent to membership.

English shall be the official language of the Fellowship, currencies are: US $.


It will be a goal to use the Internet & e-mail communications to promote attendance at R.I. Conventions always trying to involve more members on a world wide basis, keeping costs under control.


A special International Fellowship of Rotarian Convention Growers Website will be designed and maintained by a member of the Fellowship.  Said web site will serve as a hub for information and communication of Fellowship members and will also provide links to related Rotary web sites around the world. The Webmaster of this site will conform to the guidelines of the Board of Directors and of Rotary International's Electronic Communications Policy.


Any 15 members may propose changes to this Constitution. The Board of Directors shall review the proposed changes and submit them together with a recommendation to the membership, who shall vote on it.

A 2/3 majority of the votes received is necessary to change the Constitution.


This Constitution has been submitted by Frank Devlyn, Chairman of The International Fellowship of Rotarian Convention Goers, in a vote to Members on August 1, 2004.

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A colorfully dressed Rotarian
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Rotarians from Nigeria (who
always wear spectacular native
dress) enjoy the House of
Friendship in Indianapolis


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