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Sponsored by the Convention Goers Fellowship

Again this year the Convention Goers Fellowship will hold its annual meeting by sponsoring the 17th annual Rotary Reunion Dinner during the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, GA.  This reunion is for all Convention Goers members, Devlyn Amigos, Blindness Prevention RAG members and all Rotarians interested in  fun, fellowship, and fantastic food in a fabulous setting!

During the Reunion, we will be conducting a raffle to raise funds to support Rotary’s PolioPlus campaign to eradicate polio worldwide.  Once again Costello’s Opals of Sydney, Australia is providing a $1500+ Opal Pendant for the auction (thank you Jamie Costello!)  Reunion attendees will receive one raffle ticket with the purchase of each dinner ticket.  They can also purchase additional tickets during the event which will be credited to their TRF PolioPlus account.  Additional tickets are priced as follows:

1-4 Tickets = $10 each
5 Tickets = $40  (1 free ticket)
10 Ticket = $70  (3 free tickets
15 Tickets = $100  (5 free tickets)

Join us for this special evening on the final night of the RI Convention as we celebrate
The Rotary Foundation's
"100 Years of Doing Good in the World"

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The International Fellowship of Rotarian Convention Goers is an organized group of Rotarians dedicated to promoting and attending Rotary International Conventions. It is when Rotarians attend the convention that they experiene the true "internationality" of Rotary.  The  R.I. Convention provides a truly unique opportunity for International Fellowship where International Understanding is highly promoted.

 The International Fellowship of Rotarian Convention Goers believes that every Rotarian should try to endeavor to attend an International Convention to learn how the World of Rotary comes together thanks to the first Object of Rotary-acquaintance and friendship.  It is at the convention where they learn how Rotarians worldwide promote better and ethical service via their vocations and professions, where they see the work of the World of Rotary carrying out Rotary Service by visiting Club Projects Exhibitions-with the final result of the fourth Object-understanding, good will and peace, united in the ideal of service.

The Fellowship encourages membership by all Rotarians who have attended at least one Rotary International convention, but does not limit its members only to those Rotarians who have previously attended an International Convention.  We welcome all Rotarians to join us in the spirit of Peace, Friendship and Fellowship.

JOIN THE FELLOWSHIP:  Help promote the Internationality of Rotary by becoming a member.  Share your convention experiences with the rest of the Rotary world.

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PRIP Frank & Gloria Rita Devlyn
San Antonio 2001

Miss America 2001 at the
San Antonio Convention 2001

"Flower the Tower" (Save Planet
Earth) project during the
San Antonio Convention 2001


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